Saturday, June 12, 2010

A cake so good I could only photograph half

For those who know me, I love to eat and to cook. One of the simplest and greatest pleasures is to get simple ingredients and turn them into something delectable. Well since I have had to change my eating habits, I have had to get even more creative. Here is a new one we tried tonight for dessert.
1 Flan (90 calories for 1/6 which is a pretty good size)
1 pkg non fat vanilla pudding
1/4 (roughly) container low fat Cool Whip
raspberries, blueberries, blackberries (or favorites of your choice)
Make pudding according to directions, add cool whip, put on top of flan and cover with your favorite berries. YUMMY! Stay tuned as I am working on a lentil salad that will knock your socks off. If all this goes well, I think I might take my friend Andy's advise and start a cooking podcast.
So the poor dog is tired and pleading with us to make it stop. Little does he know it is about to get worse. I have visions of getting us both up at 6AM next week just to have him hit the front lawn, lay down flat out on his side and refuse to move. He has done this before and it is a fairly useless endeavor to try and make him move because he is 78 lbs and stubborn. "Kuma come here.......ok, never mind, stay where you are. Good boy". I will persevere and he WILL bend to my will.........eventually :P
If anyone has any other great low fat, low carb ideas feel free to pass them on.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It has begun

Well, I was finally able to go out and do something today as my toes are finally healed enough to walk any distance :) I packed up Kuma and Callie and decided to go for a walk by the water with my mom and her dog Mocha.
Now, my mom is used to going for very long walks with her little dog so this was no great thing for her but for us, a totally different story. About 45 minutes in we took a rest stop to put Callie on the swing (really it was to give both Kuma and I a little break) and Kuma went to lay down in the grass from exhaustion. I brought out some water and the poor darling drank back two cups like it was a tablespoon. By the way, Mocha who is 10 lbs soaking wet simply refused the water and went on running around like we had only just started.
All in all it was a good day and we were out for an hour and a half so I consider it a total success. It is just the beginning though and next week the really funny posts about our jogging excursions will begin.
Hopefully new weight to be posted shortly. For all those out there who are also on this weight loss kick with me, keep up the good work and remember, you will feel a thousand times better without the excess. I know I will.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Success elludes me

Well success eludes me but only slightly. Since my last post I have injured both my baby toes, in separate events and on separate days. Why is it that whenever you put your mind to doing something there has to be a test of your resolve?
First incident was getting to my computer, I crashed into the desk and couldn't walk for a day. Since I had just had dental work done, I had taken a half a T3 and I still thought the toe had come right off. Then just as I was healing from that one, two days later I crashed into the chair while going to sit down and feed Callie. That one seemed to hurt less but maybe I was just used to such pain by then.
Anyhoo, my plan is to start walks tomorrow as it is supposed to be a beautiful day. Then after a week of hour long walks I intend to start jogging with the dog in the early mornings before my child and husband wake up. That is if Kuma can hold himself back from nipping at my pant leg for any length of time. Just for one moment imagine that scene at 6AM. For those who know me this is an almost amusing test of my strength of will as I am NOT a morning person, never have been and don't see it happening anytime in the near future. However, I am going back to work in September so 6AM mornings will be the new routine and I figure getting a jump on getting back into that habit is not necessarily a bad thing.
On a happier note, the eating thing is going well but since I have not been out for any exercise there is not update on the current weight.
Well all, happy eating and until next time......

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Weightloss Game

Well this is my first post and will be the beginning of a running commentary on my success. You see, this is not an ordinary weight loss battle. Last July when I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl Callie, I found out I was insulin dependant gestational diabetic. When I discussed the post baby care with my endocrinologist she told me that I had to get my weight down to 135 in order to avoid developing type 2 diabetes. Well, any new mother out there can sympathize that doing anything for yourself can be a battle so losing weight just didn't fit into my new schedule. Needless to say, six months after Callie's birth I was required to do a glucose tolerance test again and guess sugar levels are high. The doctors are saying it could be related to the hormone levels evening out still but suggested that I do everything possible to lose the weight and they would retest me and we go from there. Great, another sugary orange drink early in the morning. Can't wait.
I currently weigh 172.6lbs and need to get down to 135lbs by mid August when they will retest me again. The whole reason I am blogging this is to hold myself accountable and maybe connect with others in similar positions. The plan is to follow the diabetic diet (which I got really good at during my pregnancy) and plenty of walks with the baby and our dog Kuma (who also happens to need to lose 10lbs). Poor Kuma also got the brunt of our scheduling everything around the new addition as he used to get walked for an hour everyday without fail until Callie arrived. Now we are lucky to get out twice a week. All that is about to change. My husband is also in for a drastic change in diet as there will no longer be crap hanging around the house and all meals will be very low in fat and high in protein.
Wish us all luck and I will be back very soon with progress reports.