Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Success elludes me

Well success eludes me but only slightly. Since my last post I have injured both my baby toes, in separate events and on separate days. Why is it that whenever you put your mind to doing something there has to be a test of your resolve?
First incident was getting to my computer, I crashed into the desk and couldn't walk for a day. Since I had just had dental work done, I had taken a half a T3 and I still thought the toe had come right off. Then just as I was healing from that one, two days later I crashed into the chair while going to sit down and feed Callie. That one seemed to hurt less but maybe I was just used to such pain by then.
Anyhoo, my plan is to start walks tomorrow as it is supposed to be a beautiful day. Then after a week of hour long walks I intend to start jogging with the dog in the early mornings before my child and husband wake up. That is if Kuma can hold himself back from nipping at my pant leg for any length of time. Just for one moment imagine that scene at 6AM. For those who know me this is an almost amusing test of my strength of will as I am NOT a morning person, never have been and don't see it happening anytime in the near future. However, I am going back to work in September so 6AM mornings will be the new routine and I figure getting a jump on getting back into that habit is not necessarily a bad thing.
On a happier note, the eating thing is going well but since I have not been out for any exercise there is not update on the current weight.
Well all, happy eating and until next time......


  1. Yes, I can see you out at 6 AM: "Grr. Snarl. Kuma. STOPPIT!" And you'll be more beautiful than the dawn itself!

  2. Hi! Over from your husband's blog. Nice to meet you! :-) congrats on your daughter standing on her own two feet ... LOL You're in for it now!

    6am? Yikes, I could never ...

  3. Hi am visiting and following from your husbands blog as well, good luck on your weight loss. I am going thru the same battle and posting about it as well. Although not as brave with posting my weight [which is higher]. I am competing with a friend for lbs lost which will hopefully help.

    A friend of mines daughter developed type I diabetics when she was little and due to the change in diet for her everyone lost weight and got fit.. good luck.

  4. Thanks everyone for checking out my blog. I am new to this so I will try to be as diligent as my husband :)